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A Cry From Iran Documentary
Two brothers, a murdered father and an untold story of pain and forgiveness are the inspirations behind a ten times award-winning documentary on the secret death of a prominent evangelical pastor in Iran, Haik Hovsepian.
This is the untold story of Iranian Christian martyrs, and Christian converts, who became the victims of their beliefs and paid the ultimate price – their lives...

Now Available in Digital format for online Streaming or Download, through:
Amazon Prime  or
  Christian Cinemas


   *DVD in English & Spanish, or English & Farsi
  Outside USA Orders

     DVD includes:
 - Main Documentary (54 min.)
   Bonus Features:

 - A Closer Look at Haik's life (17 min.)
 - Haik's Songs
(4 min.)
 - A Conversation with Haik's Family
(17 min.)
 - Martyrdom, Persia and the Bible
(12 min.)
 - Iranian Martyrs Album
(3 min.)
* Not recommended for children under 13 due to some
  graphic content.

Host a Screening at Your Church
PS: Showing of the film on a church service, requires written permission from the Producer. 

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